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server getting rough

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I play alone and I've never played in a gang. To a solo player the server seems pretty harsh all the time but when the legal market went up it seems that gangs are actually patrolling legal processing areas now which sucks and makes it even harder for me to make money. 

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3 hours ago, yoitsdanny1 said:

If a gang robs you doing something legal ,(oil being an exception) call them trash. It's a trashy move to rob someone doing something legal. Those gangs are full of goofs.

Maybe if ppl don't do runs in a taru or hemmitt unarmed then ppl wouldn't find it so easy to rob ppl!! If I ever do I biggish run I always either have a buddy with me and/or fully geared. You just gotta be smart on when you do your runs and what to do them in at certain times! 

Generally I dont rob anyone doing box truck or lower unless I don't like the guy or its someone that likes to shit talk!! N the only time I've robbed ppl doing legal was when there was 4 big trucks doing it!! 

Best way to play Olympus is in a group, solo'ing is hard. 

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