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CrimeShare.com, a division of Kavala Valet Service, is proud to announce their newest corporate subsidiary, BANSHARE.COM.

Our principals realize that RDM and VDM happens to the best of us. While we all try to ensure we remain hardcore rp'ers at all times, we are sometimes faced with shit talking assholes in Kavala that need to be shot in the face without discussion. Other times, we are victims of "robo copping" and silent vigilantes that leave us in a fit of rage resulting in the accidental two-finger smashing of ALT F4. And of course, we have all experienced the situation of driving our hatchbacks and seeing a helicopter on the ground and thinking to to ourselves "I wonder what happens when i ram that chopper at full speed?". Sadly, these indiscretions often result in a server BAN. Not any more!

As a BANSHARE.COM member you can call upon our dedicated staff to "sit this one out" on your behalf and transfer your ban to one of our staff members. Killed 12 people in Kavala Square without engaging? NO PROBLEM! Being harassed in side chat by salty children screaming "comporban!"? NO PROBLEM! Combat Logged so you would not lose your precious gear to a gang of TREE lovers? NO PROBLEM! Cursed with a one-word name like "Charles", "Mike" or "User" that forces you to Rook everyone on sight? NO PROBLEM!

Members faced with a BAN can complete FORM 492 and our staff will handle transferring the remaining balance of your ban to one of our PLAYER IDS. Pricing is competitive for this service at $150,000.00 of in game money per day of the ban transferred. PM Conan, Ricky Spanish, Whiskey Savage or Trenton the God for service requests.



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