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Anyone else been having problems with Frame Drops since the last update?

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So, since 'around' the last update I have had major problems with frame drops. Before I was staying in the 45-60 range and frame drops were seldom and not too bad. Now they are so bad I basically freeze for some lone periods and drop down tremendously. 

Just curious if this has happened to anyone else? Ive talked to a few with the issues

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Noticed this last night, so far for me it only happens when on medic.  I'll go from normal performance to noticeably reduced performance for anything up to 30 seconds at a time then back to normal or else a 5 second complete freeze.  Also only happens when flying choppers.

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Happens to me mostly while driving and some when flying as well. It's stronger on server 1 than 2. Just got 2 hours in server 2 with mostly clean play, came to 1 and have already had massive issues

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