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Why is Arma so broken

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ok firstly your rotors hit the tree which is the obvious part. i dont understand why it blew up like that you could request a comp for it i guess.

as a side note i suggest not using autohover to land you get no control on landing and always make space for your rotors taru's have huge rotors lol !!

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@RogueMKDo you have a video of your exploding SUV? That just happened wayyy to fast and I was laughing like crazy when both vehicles exploded. Just wanted to see your POV. 

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6 minutes ago, RogueMK said:

@Bubbaloo Burrito yes i do that god damn tempest desynced on me lol i stopped dead then blew up lmao

Ah. If you can upload it let me know. Unfortunately I forgot to Shadowplay the fed but I want to see your POV as Arma can be a bit " touchy " lol. 

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5 minutes ago, RogueMK said:

im rendering it as we speak lol i apologose in advance when saying "get rekt" at the end lmao

Lol it doesn't matter. I'm a shit shot so I don't mind ;) 

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48 minutes ago, antaxxi1 said:

Guys which program you using to capture(record) your game? And what program to upload it?

Well. People without nvidia cards usually use OBS which is free. If you have an nvidia cars just use shadow play. To upload they just did it through YouTube. 

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lol @Grandma Gary 

2 hours ago, antaxxi1 said:

Guys which program you using to capture(record) your game? And what program to upload it?

i personally use shadowplay to record as this program allows me to record the last 10mins or more that i have just done great for them random moments. Then i use sony vegas to edit and render the video, then finally upload to youtube.

The only thing with shadowplay is you must have a decent Nvidea card otherwise AMD do Raptr which is kinda shit some ppl like to use it :/ or OBS which @Bubbaloo Burrito mentioned which is very good all round plus its FREE!!!. I use OBS to stream but you can also record as well. 

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