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  1. just get star citizen
  2. whats the difference from this and opening task manger and setting the priority of a process
  3. I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 quick peak lagswitch 1 taps once, but i fear the man who has practiced one quick peak lagswitch 1 tap 10,000 times -bruce lee
  4. >i wasnt in gang wars
  5. rewatch the stream all the teams won had the same spawn
  6. lol mc starts on round 2 and also gets the better spawn 3 times...
  7. I got 2 MXs. One has a Grenade launcher on it ill sell for 150k, the other regular one ill sell for 100k.
  8. So people use rooks to rdm from the gun store should we remove the gun store? People vdm so should we remove the vehicles? People dupe money so should we remove money?
  9. So rebels have access to .338s Mar-10s and Marksmen rifles with DMS scopes. Cops have all that plus a ghost hawk. But vigis cant get a shitty mx????
  10. Because not everyone wants to kiss the police force ass. Vigilantes work alone and we dont have to follow cop rules, just vigilante rules.
  11. This server is boring! There are only 3 liable roles medic,cop,rebel. Vigilante is literally unplayable in its current state. The only reason people have against vigilantes receiving a buff is that vigilantes break rules. Anyone can break rules, rebel, cop, medic so why have vigilante nerfed. +1 buff vigi
  12. why no bfo
  13. Can we get the A-10 Warthog my gender is not yet in Olympus thank yew

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