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A study into Checktivism: why i am what i am

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To be honest I know I am too much at times but for your benefit I will give some backstory.

I have a stressful job. Not like a cop or doctor.. but everyday I go to a factory job in the humid ass Mississippi heat and bust my ass. I am a quality control inspector for an electric transformer manufacturer named Howard Industries. Hundred of units go through our section daily. I work for 10 to 12 hours a day. If I fuck up and approve a bad unit someone could get hurt or killed. Theres a chance right now that the green or transformer behind your house has my initials on the inside right corner.. dont look though.. it is dangerous as hell.

So when I get home.. I just turn off the adult and or sanity.

Whats funny is sometimes I honk my horn at every intersection because thats protocol with forklifts in the plant.

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3 hours ago, Goodman said:

Is this out of just habit or to fuck with people for lolz?

Well.. habit but once i realise whats happening I usually stop..

Also.. on a forklift, the transmission stick is on the left side of the steering wheel.. usually where the blinker or wipers are depending on your car.. when you get used to flicking that switch for 10 to 12 hours, you find yourself in real life flicking it to go forward. Im sure ive confused some people at dead stops by signalling right and going straight..


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