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Locked APD Reserve Officer Program

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Ladies & Gentlemen,


The Senior APD have decided to roll out the APD Reserve Officer Program. To put it simply, if you're a reserve, you don't have to make your time. The only officers who can be in the reserves are Patrol Officers. If you're a P.O. and cannot or will not make your weekly playtime requirement, message your squad SGT or LT and request a transfer to the Reserve Squad. Conversely, if you're a Deputy who has just passed a P.O. ride-along, then you will be offered a spot in the reserves. This is completely optional, however, if you do join the reserves, we require that you stay a reserve for a month at the minimum. This is to prevent people from transferring to the reserves when they cannot make their times and immediately switching back to active duty when they can make times. This is effective immediately.

If you have any questions, feel free to post below.




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15 minutes ago, BananaHammock said:

If you are in the Reserves are you still able to rank up normally?

No. You cannot progress beyond P.O. unless if you're Active Duty.

Deputies will be Active regardless. They'll have the option to go reserve once they make it to P.O. Current P.O.s have the option to transfer over as well.

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Guest G.O.A.T.
16 minutes ago, BananaHammock said:

If you are in the Reserves are you still able to rank up normally?

Nope. You will stay at PO until you decide to go back to the regular squads.

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Guest G.O.A.T.
5 minutes ago, BlackJack said:

If u go to reserve u have to be in there for a month before going back to active duty. 

You're required to stay for at least a month, and during your stay you're stuck at PO.

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Guest G.O.A.T.
1 hour ago, Joel said:

Is this for Patrol Officers only?

I believe deputies will need to make PO, then they're eligible to join. Once you make PO+ you're allowed to join the reserves.

If you're Corp+ and want to be in the reserves, you'll be demoted to PO and will retain that rank when you go active until you earn Corp+ back.

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