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  1. I give full loads to the ladies for free
  2. So yesterday I saw some arguing going on in side chat about this and I've wondered what the exact ruling on this is. When a fed, bw, or prison break is active what area is considered a "red zone"? Is it the full area of the three circles or is it just the inner circle that is shaded red? Obviously the red inner circle makes one think that it would only be that area that is KOS for anyone anti attacking, but I have heard mixed opinions on this. Thanks
  3. I suggest buying a gun before you pull anything more than a SUV this dude was extremely nice to let you go lol
  4. police

  5. Brown sugar
  6. Server 1
  7. Will buy pilot helmets want 20 for 600k
  8. Someone sell me pilot helmets 

  9. Black Market ooohhh ahhhhh
  10. Wowww thank you so much this is perfect
  11. I don't think I am alone on this when I say that there is a void in my gaming heart now since that NW CQB at the Fed Practice server went down.. Props to Trevor for making that dank server and Keeping my fingers crossed that things work out and it comes back.. Nothing like fighting/teaming with people from diff gangs from Olympus for some practice CQB and owning asylum nubz I would even donate to help the cause -Jamal