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  1. LoL
  2. so you've been storing all your recordings on your ssd... rip pandaaaaa
  3. I know, 36k is soo much to pay !!! Gonna need some of the Copper Cartels gang funds!
  4. looking to buy pilot helms PM me will pay 3x the buying price for each
  5. Might be your birthday but you're still a prick :Kappa:

    Happy Birthday

    Edited by William 'Daniel' Wallace
  6. SSD with ArmA 3 and OS on it is god. No freezing/stuttering and shadowplay runs so smooth and has no effect on performance.

    1. Ignis


      I was surprised in the impact it makes 

    2. xGenesis


      Same! Before I never recorded with Shadowplay "instant replay" since it would cause random freezing and stuttering. Now that Arma is on the SSD, I run SP at 5 minute intervals and never get any performance issues. Although texture bugs still happen, having my OS on the SSD makes signing out/restarting 10x faster... life is good with a SSD lol.

    3. Ignis


      In your parameters change your memory allocater to jmalloc, it lowered the amount I've gotten

  7. random gang who wiped your gang at moonshine last night
  8. I uploaded this to YouTube as a test video, just got adobe premiere and was messing with titles and wanted to make sure it uploaded in 1080p 60fps. Didn't expect Ivan to put it on the forums but he's a troll so he did. <3 Ivan
  9. "Coming to a plane shop near you soon will be the To-199 Neophron, A-164 Wipeout and A-143 Buzzard. These will be stripped of all ammunition of course for civilian use."

    Whaaatt soon it will be  time to flex dat bank account a lil

  10. You should probably go in the olympus TS and talk to an admin there.
  11. I give full loads to the ladies for free
  12. So yesterday I saw some arguing going on in side chat about this and I've wondered what the exact ruling on this is. When a fed, bw, or prison break is active what area is considered a "red zone"? Is it the full area of the three circles or is it just the inner circle that is shaded red? Obviously the red inner circle makes one think that it would only be that area that is KOS for anyone anti attacking, but I have heard mixed opinions on this. Thanks
  13. I suggest buying a gun before you pull anything more than a SUV this dude was extremely nice to let you go lol
  14. police