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  1. 728million, fuck me im impressed medics
  2. @Mr Majestic see when I told you about lobbing 7 gernades into KS's house this is the aftermath I'll accept PayPal
  3. I wonder who Ahmed is Whoever is speaking to you frank is a retard, I messaged ks and screamed hands up or die
  4. Fedot is a bitch and won't pull his ghosthawk, +1 to remove it and make the file size smaller by one byte
  5. I agree remove it the Pussy never pulls it
  6. Ddosing is going to be fucking unbelievable now
  7. 2.5mil for the whole lot
  8. You know @Chaos I kinda want some cast myself. Price @Mclovins?
  9. 1
  10. I've got an Abdera garage
  11. Sounds like a cover for ban evading with account 3.0
  12. 11235metres
  13. @Cam_Smiff I'm more than aware of how to bargain a price. However there's a difference between being off yer bloody rocker and bargaining. 3 mil for a dp1 house is most certainly in the off yer bloody rocker category
  14. What is this copper cartel you speak off