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  1. @Sociopathic I totally agree, I remember the good old days when most cops had some RP in them, for example when cops would let you keep your weapon if you had a nice long RP session and then payed the ticket, then they would say:" Im taking your firing pin" and you would be on your way. Also kind of find it annoying these days how when you have a decent bounty, maybe 1 or 2 mil, every cop comes to the room just to stare at you and get some money in ther pocket. At least try to RP if your going to sit ther and get a portion of my bounty. Some people are pretty decent about RPing in the APD, but most aren't and its sad how times have changed it. Cops used to hear you out and try to communicate and RP a lot in the good old days but now I see most cops trying to get money in ther pocket as fast and as easily as they can.
  2. The things I think of when people mention Canadians: and you cant forget the man the myth the legend, oh I forgot something:
  3. Indeed.