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  1. Anybody else having issues joining Olympus TS? all i get is this error, https://gyazo.com/128796c51bb6d238a342ddb1c369db4c
  2. Omg literally predicted it
  3. Is that a Harambe Ifrit?
  4. So pretty much i wanted to know from everybody's experience on Olympus what was the biggest Drug/Legal run anybody has ever seen be done. Things i'm interested to know - Type of vehicles and how many - Type of run - If you did the run how much money was made All the information is up to you to share just a interesting question i had. (You do not need to put full detail if you would not like too) Thanks, Dylan Dizy
  5. 420 nice guys most online, keep it that way #BLAZEIT

  6. 76561198080291568