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  1. Detective Corey

    Can confirm +1, Hadi does make sure we don't get too populated.
  2. Detective Corey

    The Background Story Well by the title you probably already know what kind of post this is. From 2016 I have seen this server go through many changes. We've had like four different owners, Countless different Chief Of Police, and many more people who made an impact on my time here. In 2016 I started off in a gang called The Detectives which was lead by a guy named Rando. I first met these group of guys when they robbed me in my black off-road right outside of Diamond Processing. From pretty much 2016-2018 I did not have that great of a PC at any point in time and so I was constantly lagging, having low frames, and overall I was just a very bad player at the game, yet Rando accepted me and taught me how to play and thrive on this server which I will forever be thankful for. Around this time I met a PO named Hawk who explained to me (after catching me at heroin) that doing illegal runs was not the way, but instead cop is where the money was at. Well.. I got denied from cop like 8 times before Chief of Police G.O.A.T allowed me in. (I have a great appreciation for you G.O.A.T as you allowed me into the police force and three years later still remember my exact story on how I got into the APD which was remarkable.) As a cop I made many friends (which not to say I didn't make any friends on medic but lets be real, anyone can press windows key, but not everyone will run into a 3v1 situation to save you like on cop.) Some around to this day, some who quit and I have never heard from again for a few years. The Reason Why I Left @Hadi Mokdad @MAV If you have been watching the forums for the past few days you will see recently myself and my friend had gotten perm'd for "scripting" which I mean fair enough the video in which was submitted does look suspect until you pause it and actually take a look at it. I got unbanned while my friend is still currently banned. (Thanks MAV and Hadi, couldn't have done it w/o you) While I can admit I am salty and frustrated with them, I do not blame them and appreciate the fact they're trying to keep the community protected against hackers. This is not the main reason I am leaving though, although it was definitely the defining moment for me. Overall Olympus has been on a steady decrease in players and has had a sharp increase of hackers. The server just doesn't feel as fun as it used to be. I also leave for Lackland AFB in the upcoming weeks and need to stop playing as much video games, real life is here and I have other responsibilities now. It was fun while it lasted and I appreciate this server. With all of the mentioned above I have come to say o7 to this server and wish it the best of luck. The Mentions @hawk Thank you for catching me at heroin and being the person who I send memes to and always saying "lmao" back even when I'm pretty sure you don't really care. @Rexo Thank you for all the fun times on civ and the better times on cop now that you have heli's that you cannot help but to crash every 3 seconds. @Zakaloko Thank you for being the Asian in the racial jokes group. @Cyanide Thank you for being my black brother and a great person to play with, I remember sitting in the Whitelist applicants room with you and you've come so far. @Turtle Chris Thank you for being there since we played roblox together and then bought arma. True friends online or not. @tyler Thank you for trusting me to talk to about problems and being there for me to vent if I needed to aswell. @1-800TryHards Thank you for being that one guy in Cousin who didn't hate me right off the bat and playing cop with me. My other black brother. @Rando Even though I don't know which one is your account thank you for teaching me how to play. @an overweight giant retard Thank you for letting me into the APD honestly being pretty cool. @Umaro Thank you for being a part of the gamer squad and sending me funny videos. @StickySauce Thank you for being that cool guy and talking me through my entire enlistment process into the Air Force and filling me in on some info. @Aydin Thanks for being that really cool guy in the black ghillie suit that just randomly became friends with me @everyone who I forgot to mention I am very sorry I forgot to mention you but you do not meant any less to me. I appreciate every single person on this server (except for a select few xd) The Conclusion This is your black friend Detective Corey, Corps Prowl Corey, That random black guy, some random retard, saying o7
  3. Detective Corey

    So with this new upcoming update I can genuinely say I'm pretty excited. There's some cool looking guns and uniforms coming out. I cannot wait to get shit on by the shotgun Also is APD gonna get the ED1E? That'd be pretty dope ngl
  4. Detective Corey

    My apologies I never updated the post, I had posted this well before you paid him.
  5. Detective Corey

    Fair warning, tried to buy taser, they got the money and gave the taser then followed my buddy to the house and killed him so he couldn’t store. They then also chopped his heli. -1. Just a simply warning, would not buy from DB
  6. Detective Corey

    Let’s start at 75k then
  7. Detective Corey

    Oh then I’ll hit you up in our discord xD Price?
  8. Detective Corey

    Thinking of filming a new bondage video and need spike strips... no questions asked please. Looking for a good amount of them.
  9. Detective Corey

    rip Egnazio. will miss ya man o7 thanks for @'ing me tho (not really)
  10. Detective Corey

    How much for armed huron?
  11. Detective Corey

    You're very right, all I feel is that it is going to create some sort of problem. But this is new so I have no idea how it's going to go, for all I know you're 110% right. Maybe I'm just looking too much into it. Of course not, I'm talking about post-launch
  12. Detective Corey

    I have no real reason besides the reason I gave, that's why I said I am most likely wrong. I just feel if you're gonna join the whitelisted factions, choose between the servers. Decide what server you actually want to dedicate time to and don't try to split it between them.
  13. Detective Corey

    MCSD is the police dept. for malden
  14. Detective Corey

    Unpopular opinion: You should have to choose in between MCSD and APD as being a Deputy as well as a Sgt. is jank. Also it can create a huge "Hey for this rank in APD, I'll give you this rank in MCSD." Maybe I'm wrong, most likely I'm wrong but this is just my personal opinion.
  15. Detective Corey

    I have 2 mx's 20 mags hmu

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