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  1. Detective Corey

    My apologies I never updated the post, I had posted this well before you paid him.
  2. Detective Corey

    Fair warning, tried to buy taser, they got the money and gave the taser then followed my buddy to the house and killed him so he couldn’t store. They then also chopped his heli. -1. Just a simply warning, would not buy from DB
  3. Detective Corey

    Let’s start at 75k then
  4. Detective Corey

    Oh then I’ll hit you up in our discord xD Price?
  5. Detective Corey

    Thinking of filming a new bondage video and need spike strips... no questions asked please. Looking for a good amount of them.
  6. Detective Corey

    rip Egnazio. will miss ya man o7 thanks for @'ing me tho (not really)
  7. Detective Corey

    How much for armed huron?
  8. Detective Corey

    You're very right, all I feel is that it is going to create some sort of problem. But this is new so I have no idea how it's going to go, for all I know you're 110% right. Maybe I'm just looking too much into it. Of course not, I'm talking about post-launch
  9. Detective Corey

    I have no real reason besides the reason I gave, that's why I said I am most likely wrong. I just feel if you're gonna join the whitelisted factions, choose between the servers. Decide what server you actually want to dedicate time to and don't try to split it between them.
  10. Detective Corey

    MCSD is the police dept. for malden
  11. Detective Corey

    Unpopular opinion: You should have to choose in between MCSD and APD as being a Deputy as well as a Sgt. is jank. Also it can create a huge "Hey for this rank in APD, I'll give you this rank in MCSD." Maybe I'm wrong, most likely I'm wrong but this is just my personal opinion.
  12. Detective Corey

    I have 2 mx's 20 mags hmu
  13. Detective Corey

    1.3m you mean? You said 750k and 500k
  14. Detective Corey

    I'll take a lt vest and clothing pls
  15. Detective Corey

    I have two mx tasers and 20 mags for 'em.

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