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  5. Well I guess the 3 to one rule is out of question now. You can just fucking taze a cop / Detain them and steal everything by far one of the stupid things to ever come to the server. :angry: Every Situation you come by now you get Tazed and then Robbed even with the Rule were two cops get tazed you can load lethal s not every cop has them. Even if its not unbalanced enough you add  this shit. Make life more harder for cops when we have little to none firepower compared to civs but now we can just get picked off one by one.

      Removed This shit Feel Free to leave some hateful comments but this gotta go. 

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    2. Brennan


      Sorry you can't exploit the "three to one" rule by delaying and waiting for another cop to be 100m away before spraying them all down and then saying you weren't outnumbered. (thats how most of my encounters paned out.)

    3. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      You are a fat pussy.

    4. DeadPool1337


      Deputies need the cardboard vest again they are to OP. They taze thing can be compensated with lethals and there are more corporals now than ever and 9/10 times the server almost always has 12 cops minimum on. So if you get tazed use group chat to tell all cops who, where, and to come. I personally HATE it but, bitching on the forums does nothing but start shit.

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