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    Men and World of Warcraft also I love being sandwiched like an oreo between extremely buff black man. #ITWASBUSH

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  1. @Thomas Blinder Just wanted to let you guys know a little something about this guy... He scammed my boy Whiskey earlier on today he agreed to pay a certain amount for some Olympus $ and this cheating fuck charged back the amount they agreed upon. Watch out for scammers such as this piece of shit guys and have fun. :D 


    Side note: "Ctob" is an excellent support member and helped me out right off the bat when I went into the support channel and was really kind. Helped me with what I needed in a very efficient and courteous manner and I thought he deserved some kudos for his hard work. :D 

  2. Fuck you pussy

    1. QKSILVR73


      that's not nice language

    2. Fedot


      Is that why you called me last night bbe

    3. Vitalis
  3. what is this server again ~Fedot sucks my ass daily.

  4. WoW is a great game I also recently started to play again try it out only downer is the monthly subsricption.
  5. Fuck the cartels. No mas.
  6. Corporals and higher now have access to the Covered Zamak.


    ... Really Gary :DDDD

    1. I Am Fuzzy

      I Am Fuzzy

      We're just gonna drive right inside the fed now xD

    2. McDili


      How else are the APD gonna do heroin runs?

  7. Hackerrrrrrrrrrrrr

  8. What about pink now?
  9. Poseidon, Gary, McDili. Definite GG
  10. Destroyed.
  11. Finally <3
  12. My RP was pretty on point if I do say so myself Kappa
  13. When you get a ban that just says admin ban :( sad face... D':

  14. Welcome to the server and good luck with that man scroll through this and see what gang suits you best and apply. http://olympus-entertainment.com/forum/25-gang-recruitments/