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  1. Vitalis

    Come back with a good business model and a plan and also take a few math courses to brush up on the arithmetic and then come back. If you are actually trying to scam people at least do the math concisely. As of now you would be asinine to invest in such a poorly thought up investment system.
  2. Vitalis

    PM me for meth houses looking for something as close as possible. Include your prices in the PM please!
  3. Vitalis

    You could start by getting off your computer and going outside
  4. Vitalis

    Screenshot where the house is on the map nerd.
  5. Vitalis

    PM me offers boys says it in the post.
  6. Vitalis

    Selling a Kavala 4 crater next to pd has some angles on HQ not too great visibility but it can get you geared in seconds to get your buddy out of harms way and trolling the APD. https://gyazo.com/0bc4ce45388d3562b0affbcea305333a Also Selling a S1 Kore 4 crater also have a 3 Crater Bungalow as well as a garage in Kore great for oil runs right next to processor PM me offers. https://gyazo.com/a88ca3f9b8e48dc72689e13b11411e2c
  7. Vitalis

    Two seperate blood spatters though. With a 7.62 to a cop that should have been enough.
  8. Hypocrisy at it's finest gentleman. +1 for that Fuzzy.
  9. Lul I guess not. That's what I thought. You got me good dude. Oh noooo!!
  10. Didn't meet playtime requirements to keep PO because I have a girlfriend and college nerd.
  11. forgot to quote you look up
  12. https://gyazo.com/24a58cb84b460043c9e32a2d799dd1a6 <-- Me https://gyazo.com/a44d42b41bb599d30d48bdfd7983117e <-- You Who are you Lmao.
  13. Right because I have a below average IQ because I don't study for a video game. Go make more music videos and career copping for your non-achievable corporal you fucking Mongoloid.
  14. Lmao you honestly think being a cop in a video game takes any brain capacity either? LMAO you read a little handbook that's less than a chapter and it's super easy to memorize then you just restrain civ and show them that you have a virtual big dick.

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