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  1. Sorry about that, winner posted tommorow.
  2. i liek ur edithing skils strikke
  3. c o r r u p t i o n
  4. Please don’t plagiarize thanks.
  5. Lmao wishing luck
  6. oof
  7. If I hit 30 likes the raffle goes up to 3 million.
  8. A million is a decent amount, trying to give to those who don’t make money so easily or are new to the server. I’ll do this every week. The rules are as follows: 1. Guess a number from 1-100 and post it below. Do not duplicate. 2. Like this post so I see how many participate 3. This coming THURSDAY (March 15th) I’ll post a minute long shadow play of me choosing the random number on random number generator. Closest to the winning number gets the 1,000,000 GL HF
  9. Prostitution
  10. 1 virgin goat
  11. #latenightsalavation
  12. No.

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