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  1. Edward

    you're* and since when is trident xplicit?
  2. Edward

    get off the forums your banned for combat logging.
  3. how longs your alt+f4 ban guy
  4. Edward

  5. Edward

    Everyone’s a civ you dunderhead
  6. Edward

    When liverpool equalized i thought it would be smooth sailing to at least extra time, but after bale's bicycle kick I kinda knew it was over. when he was getting ready to rip that 40 yard shot i was like shit karius is gonna fumble it or something and he ended up trying to palm it away like a deer in headlights, poor guy is already receiving death threats for apparently throwing the game. gotta feel bad that they lost in that fashion...
  7. Edward

    Yeah he's done. Had the chance to play in the biggest game of his life and it is down the drain.
  8. Edward

    It’s war zone kill everybody.
  9. Edward

    He probably took one good look at you and felt bad.
  10. Edward

  11. You don't lift?


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