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  1. Dirty

    There's a cheese that smells really bad, I think it's European.
  2. Dirty

    Gotcha, thanks!
  3. Dirty

    Are the missing vehicles ever coming back, or do we need to buy them again and submit comp requests? I'm missing 2 out of 3 RnR Orcas. All 3 are listed under my vehicles on my stats page, but in game only 1 shows up.
  4. Dirty

    I'm thankful for my 4 month old baby boy and my wife putting up with my shit, especially me playing on Olympus when I should be doing a million other things.
  5. Dirty

    The next time you're at Home Depot or Lowes pick up a bottle of Ideal wire pulling gel, should be in the electrical section. Just stick the nozzle in the back of your can, and put a little bit in. Don't over do it, 5-10cc's is plenty. Reapply after a mag or two. Once you shoot it wet you won't want to shoot it dry anymore. Nice thing about .45acp is it's all subsonic. I was trying out a new 9mm can in my garage a long while back and accidentally grabbed a mag with 115gr instead of 147gr. Figured out my mistake after the first shot was loud af hehe. Also my .45 cans sound as quiet, if not more than my 9mm cans, strangely enough.
  6. Dirty

    Are you running it wet? If not try clear wire pulling gel, makes a noticeable difference. Nice seeing there are a bunch of gun people on here. My kind of peeps Wish 41P wasn't a thing, it was a lot easier before. No fingerprints, photo or LEO notification for trusts (before 41P). And certainly not for every trustee. Geez
  7. Dirty

    I have around 18 Form 4's and a couple of Form 1's. The trick is to file the paperwork and forget about it. Then 6-9 months later when you've forgotten all about it, bam approved. Also, I think E-forms is back online for at least Form 4's now, maybe Form 1's too, not sure. I spent $11,000 on a full auto uzi. Also haven't priced either the can or the gun but no way is it anywhere near $3.5k. Probably closer to $1600-$1800, tax stamp included depending on if he got a good deal or not. Guessing $895 for the can, around $500 for the Glock, and $200 tax stamp. Maybe sales tax too, depending on state.

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