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  1. THEY GO FOR 2 MILL the lowest ive seen some one sell one for is 1.5m
  2. tbh bro @ThatNerdyGuyas much as i hate to say it bc im not a fan of him. was never in the wrong here dude you fucked up and if he didnt know how to do his job he probably wouldn't be an admin just saying. also bro if you dont wanna get banned dont do stupid shit like dude you acting like you were false accused for shit but bro clearly you did break rules bro and tbh you can keep claiming you did bc allah knows in the end bro. he knows the truth in the end. he can see right threw your lies.
  3. bro @ThatNerdyGuy has access to server logs bro like they can see texts you've sent n shit like you dont just get banned for a stupid reason or scam dude.
  4. ok ok so i can tell you one reason why you got a perm so the big one is because of the fact that you changed your name so they might have looked at it as you trying to ban evade. second off are you just initiating on any silla member because in the rules it states that if you do not initiate on a gang member that is in your sight or with in 1k of you then its rdm. Chapter 1: No Random Death Match [RDM] You may use gang tags to engage in role-play. If [A] John says hands up or die to [X] Hairy, then all of [A] is engaged with all of [X] and each gang is KOS to each other in that area and for wherever the engagement goes until its over. (5 minutes pass without engagement/shooting). (Keep in mind, gang members need to actually have gang tags in their name for them to be engaged, and, if you choose to wear gang tags, they MUST be displayed at the front of your name.) Example: Engagement happens in Sofia, all [A] and [X] in Sofia are engaged. All [A] and [X] who enter Sofia afterwards are engaged. If the firefight moves from sofia to rescue without intermission, then its still a free for all for [A] and [X]. like lets say you tell -s- john hands up or die via text and your in kav but john happens to be in athira. so you happen to see -s- bob running around willy nilly in kav and you cap him. thats considered rdm for the man you initiated on is not in a 1k radius of your current location. does that make sense?? @Tr_Revenge
  5. im not in ALA ngl i fucked that up i meant to quote prpk not you smh his gang FOS is full of kids who exploit on cap. my apologize.
  6. hey man your the one that has to use exploits to keep a cap you even told me you did in discord once so
  7. one that dicks on your boys
  8. get a therapist i guess
  9. lol thats funny and this is my rebel account stop trying to find people to blame for why your server is dying. dont want your new players getting robbed 24/7 fix it. bring server 2 back up and we wont have this issue. duh
  10. lol thats funny considering i take a naked s kidneys and then help them learn how to play the game smh. man your one to talk lol imagine having to use exploits and cheep tactics to be able to keep a cartel smh gtfo with your shitters bs. is that why i frag your gang mates 24/7????
  11. they go for 2 mill
  12. im mainly looking for mx and sting and or pistol tazers but ill take any.
  13. ill pay you 1.5 mill rn

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