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  1. Hello everyone, Recently I have been thinking about the server 1 and server 2 argument. Just for reference almost all my time on Olympus, which is close to 600 hours, is almost all on server 2. With the exceptions of the time I played cop or medic, I always stayed on server 2 when I had the option. As much as I prefer it, I think we can all agree it's time for it to go. It was okay when server 2 was up for 5PM-5AM, but have it up for 5:30PM-1:30AM is almost pointless. The amount of players that stay on from the minute it opens to the minute it closes is slim. The average player hops on server 2 for a few hours just to farm, because of the low populations. No events can be done because there aren't very many cops that log onto server 2, it's a slim chance you get a revive because medics don't log with 20-30 players in a server, and you rarely get into fights anywhere but on cartels. If there was a way to allow server 2 players to use their houses and gang sheds on server 1 and close server 2 for good, it could help with the server a lot. I know this is a big issue that has been discussed a lot on other forum posts so I won't go into that. I'm just wondering what you all we're thinking about it. I'm not suggesting anything with this post FYI, just laying my thoughts out.
  2. Pretty sure it's the bullet caliber and the shield.
  3. Dragonnoid


    1 ASP with 4 mags HMU with offers server 2
  4. I’ll give you 100k final offer
  5. When they pulled a Ghosthawk for my box half full of weed
  6. Literally proves every point anyone makes about APD sucking each others dicks lmaooooo
  7. You’re fucking autistic lol, keep being shit at the game.

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