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  1. any way i can get unbanned bro

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    2. hawk


      Just now, max^ said:

      add it too my ticket count @hawk

      Done :4head:

    3. tyler11299


      im so confused lol n i ment to put that in his message not status


    4. Airborne


      You could try gifting him a anime game on steam

  2. offers? heres the screenshot of where it is https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1439675549
  3. tyler11299

    prefer mxm but sting ill buy too
  4. tyler11299

    damn not to shabby
  5. how much can u make from mohawks? whats the best to do meth, orca I only make 400k n feels like forever '
  6. tyler11299

    keep getting errors saying all these tags arent found, only ones i can see is the support team tag any help?
  7. tyler11299

    server 1, need as much as i can get!!! msg abdul akbar
  8. any size pref small
  9. tyler11299

    any ammount willhmu abdul akbar
  10. tyler11299

    ill take u out to mcdonalds, if your good you can have 2 things off the dollar menu
  11. tyler11299

    are u him if not then mind your own
  12. tyler11299

    TALK TO ME On server 1 for more stuff
  13. tyler11299

    Server 1 Abdul akbar

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