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  1. watched a couple frankie and psisyndicate vids, so I got a PC for 1 game
  2. Coca

    Add: CocaThunder
  3. Coca

    taking 5mil bets
  4. GL to those waiting for promotions

  5. Coca

    never been to waffle house, IHOP is ass but original pancake house is the spot to go in chi town
  6. Coca

    bet me your $9m babe
  7. Coca

    they all broke bois. get off my thread or ima suck on them toes
  8. Coca

    if I could get someone to buy my dp21 garage then I'd buy 1 of your houses hoe
  9. 1x free tickle for your mum is my best offer
  10. Coca

    title says it all, PM me if u got any 3 or 4 craters in dp 21
  11. https://gyazo.com/90b8957932321e70367e0401ad166f30 Post offers or pm
  12. Coca


  13. Coca


    o7 hoe

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