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  1. Pwnda

    watch out, monster is a butt ugly guy that is over 400 lbs.
  2. Pwnda

    turtles would be interesting to see buffed ngl
  3. Pwnda

    My dad and my mom were going through, a divorce and my dad was going through some hard times and I was because he was. It all went downhill when he injected black tar heroin into my testicles, forcing them to be cut off for my survival. After I saw my dad swallowing both of my cut off balls, I knew I had to find a new hobby to occupy my time. Now, after starting to play olympus, I want to kill myself even more.
  4. Pwnda

    Thanks for the info!
  5. Pwnda

    If I was to buy another account to play vigilante on for Olympus, is it allowed? Should I let admins know beforehand so if I get banned they just ban them both and not add an extra ban evasion penalty? I am not really sure how to go about this or if it is even allowed. Appreciate all responses.
  6. Pwnda

    Yeah sc pls. @MBPslyr
  7. Pwnda

    dunno who that is
  8. Pwnda

    Thanks for the responses.
  9. I am 15 and want to join R&R or APD but the applications say that I should not apply if not 16+, but I have seen people join quite a bit below that limit. How could I get one?

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