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  1. Pimp Stickerino

    believe LIG or LIC or whoever they are had a plat gang shed on s1
  2. Pimp Stickerino

    whatever you want to pay
  3. Pimp Stickerino

  4. Pimp Stickerino

  5. Pimp Stickerino

    oh yea great
  6. Pimp Stickerino

    thats 100% why they go because rebels typically have a bounty here and vigi are trying to arrest rebels and take their bounty so there is no problem with them going to rebels or camping them matter afact.
  7. Pimp Stickerino

    i gotchu for 13 mill
  8. Pimp Stickerino

  9. Pimp Stickerino

    http://prntscr.com/ndeian Bidding starts at 1 million
  10. Pimp Stickerino

    I got a garage for sale 150 meters from Yeast Field post offers down below highest bid wins it. Any questions feel free to pm me http://prntscr.com/n8w8fp
  11. Pimp Stickerino

    oh its for the server goal? I thought it was for donors only my bad
  12. Pimp Stickerino

    yea this i dont like because cops can make so much money already no need to throw more their way I don't like the ideas of processing faster and making more money on runs cause then it seems kinda p2w. I like the discount on guns and vehicles and what not.
  13. Pimp Stickerino

    bring back qilin and prowler :>
  14. Pimp Stickerino

    Liked it because its close to everything you need for meth so you can easily pull vehicles and helis from the airport and potentially store weps/items in it since there is 100 virtual and physical storage post offers down below and or add me on steam
  15. Pimp Stickerino

    How do you type when you're dead? I try to do it how i'd type normally and i can't, asked other and they said its just how u normally type. I changed my controls preset to Industry Standard, idk if that has anything to do with it but lemme know pls

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