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  1. tayte

    Among us Tournament

    I think Among Us itself isn't much of a competitive game. Playing Among Us like this just ruins the point of it. ALSO: I don't think this would even be possible or ever will be.
  2. I am interested in: - Zafir - MK1 Taser - Mar10 [LETHAL] Discord: alex#1337
  3. Who tf eats cereal with water? I enjoy cereal with milk the most but cereal by itself can be pretty good.
  4. Does meet imply sex? When I think of meeting a celebrity it would be them walking through a local mall or something.
  5. tayte

    Among us Tournament

    Impostors have never been able to do tasks, kinda the point of the game.
  6. tayte

    Among us Tournament

    Impostors can't do tasks bro???
  7. tayte

    Among us Tournament

    This will be interesting. What are the impostors tasks?
  8. brother, this is the olympus entertainment forums. this is one of the most biased groups of people you can poll from.
  9. I made $320,000,000 profit after hitting 3 $10,000,000 greens with minimal loss but my gambling addicted ass bet away $300,000,000 shortly after. $140,000,000 x 3 = $420,000,000 $420,000,000 - $10,000,000(x) = $320,000,000 x = 10 I only lost 10 times and hit green 3 times. The odds. The fucking odds, and I threw it away because I wanted to see it happen again....
  10. something to show for after long hours afking in kavala.
  11. tayte


    Why was Owen permed? Blacklist on cop, blacklist on medic, and then perm all within a few weeks. LMAO
  12. Casino, bank, art gallery, insanely strict on selling ingame items, airdrops, big frequent updates, deputies reskined, deputies have stings again, coinflips back to $5m max, corps lost tier 3 vests, vigi tier rework and ban tier rework ; bans start at 1 day instead of 3.
  13. tayte

    buying envgs

    ok my offer is $5m then lmao
  14. tayte

    buying envgs

    lol you can have them
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