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  1. karma

    damn sad that i quit right before this, o7! and also we didnt speak much majorly of the time it was when hackers entered the server or scripters where abusing shit to ruin targeted players enjoyment. we also had a talk within my first 2 weeks on the server when i got to know @Ryan and @Kyle Lake was a fun time where i was sure i was gonna get banned for some things i said. good times it made me like the server and it was the reason i stayed.
  2. karma

    i love you <3 retards needs to know they are fucking retarded :)
  3. karma

    buff turtles its garbage we want it to be at the middle-lower part of illegals as its painfully hard
  4. karma

    Zooms commentary was hillarious but complete dog shit worst ive ever seen in any type of event
  5. karma

    i know im important dumbo
  6. karma

    im more important than you
  7. karma

    now i wanna see Barbs tits aswell @Peter Long
  8. karma

    IRL shit is why Long released himself from the owner spot tho adjusting aka ruining the forums for shitposters
  9. karma

    WTF @Ryan you gotta have a talk with Ares he removed my fucking Downvote button guess i wont spend anytime on the forums anymore only good thing was posting trash for downvotes @Ares bring back my downvote button it was the only reason for alot of us to use the forums
  10. karma

    well ur one of few who would <3
  11. we didnt really have a point we argued, so there isnt anything to forfit
  12. cant wait for the day you fall down a flight of stairs and break both your arms dont have to deal with your worthless chatter anymore
  13. bet you dont even speak any other languages than english, dumb fuck
  14. well if you used the default font, it would have looked like the rest of my support tickets, wouldnt it?
  15. well try using the default font than retard @Ryan he called me retarded i think you should ban him

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