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  1. Notice how many different people ivy's been with
  2. Why do I keep getting so many pings for stuff that doesn't involve me
  3. If they are running the same tag you cant shoot people who arent red name. If you are in a fight with a red name who's tag is N, then you can shoot other people who still have N tags but arent red named.
  4. I mean it's not hard to scroll up and see what I said
  5. Puckles

    Fuck Ivy

    +1 ivy down votes but you cant downvote the truth !!!
  6. Puckles

    Fuck Ivy

    S in general sucks dick cause they are dumb kav rats
  7. +1 because you when you were in the mandos discord you screamed really loud and scared the shit out of me and @ChillX Retire please
  8. Cops can only see it when people are in restraints, this way they know if there is about to be a server restart or not then they'd need to get that player dope and some stuff like that you know?
  9. Monster I'd fight cap with a cmr and still clap you stfu bot
  10. We use 20 bullets because we can hit shots.
  11. you're more a simp than me xddd
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