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  1. Greenarrow

    you can run but you can't hide.. but you can also just not log in
  2. Greenarrow

    15m lol https://gyazo.com/583c4acf0ff8f986b14d3b6c868acdff https://gyazo.com/9b9794c4448e670671c091840632910f i don't personally have the other - i'll make the vid with all pics later once we have everyone checked at least once.
  3. Greenarrow

    i'll take 7m for the zafir and 15 for the thermals
  4. Greenarrow

    https://gyazo.com/7ef41721909b3e1f8347b6c45ea2f698 9m for zafir offers for thermals
  5. Greenarrow

    3m for 7.62 sup <3
  6. Greenarrow

    more open but i think '' the exceptions need to be truely exceptional '' was refering to the old age exceptions not being exceptional people and garbo, and setting the bar higher.
  7. Greenarrow

    is the new APD also scared of [ - ] tazers? sadly rex never played enough for us to taze him but this was a lot sooner than we expected! even got KB off the list
  8. Greenarrow

    if you start shooting your gangmate before even SEEING the cop, why would that be crossfire?
  9. Greenarrow

    indeed, once HQ takeovers are a more developed thing that can be implimented it will be a lot more balanced. In the meantime my suggestions are just opinions that may or may not help.
  10. Greenarrow

    30 seconds is enough time to give the people attacking a chance, but only a chance. Since when your group has cops in restraints you are taze on sight the ability for cops to continuously respawn in a random location (behind, in front, on buildings, in buildings) is already really strong to simulate an actual police force at their HQ.
  11. Greenarrow

    Thermal NVG's are illegal and you would be subject to the APD seizing it (at least i think so).
  12. Greenarrow

    i don't do feds to win, i do them for fun and a good time win or lose. I personally think that 1min respawns would be a slight improvement for civs and a slight debuff for cops but i see both sides of the argument and do see why cops already have a hard time. Win or losing fights on civ against cops doesn't affect my reflection of how i think the APD could be improved but it does give me a perspective that most seniors don't have because they aren't the ones going into the same scenarios regularly.
  13. Greenarrow

    Change their 30 second spawn timer to 1min or 1min 30s. Making it just a little longer between waves. Edit: also makes it slightly easier in towns and in HQ. Making spawning a slight punishment instead of letting them spawn behind civs.

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