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  1. thanks for the response. do I need proof for these comps? it's way too hard to record.
  2. Anyone else noticing this? made bug report and comp ticket with no reply. So far vehicles for me have been being deleted entirely, even with insurance and upgrades, so long as they are in the server but not near me when the server resets. Example: Left an orca at warzone outpost, it had basic insurance. Deleted from garage when server restarts. Example: hatchbacks at events or rebels, when server restarts they are gone. Example: hummingbird left on big tower at rebel that was about to blow up but didn't. It had full coverage but still disappeared on restart. this only occurs when i'm not close enough to save the trunk inventory on restart, those save for me.
  3. After all the fun me and norwegian had (he was the only rank 4) we decided we were both going to go. We would have passed on leadership to the most willing rank 3 (AR) but he decided he may take a break or join another gang. From an outside point of view the gang may have just been a group made only for just playing together but we created a fun community within ourselves. I hope all my boys have a good time out there and it’s a great opporotunity to do something else instead of trying to keep a gang alive when it wouldn’t be the same.
  4. o7 olympus it was a fun time. We did everything (that seemed fun) that there was to do honestly, even pissing off the nolife Senior APD. All hate aside, even though it's too hard for some kids to have the decency, it was a fun time playing with and against everyone, i hope you guys have a good time continuing on your quest for some EPIC roleplay on olympus and find happiness in what you're doing. You may see me around selling whatever i have left or giving stuff out to people for a few days still later. I'll leave this here for anyone else that may want it
  5. We did everything there was to do and made some friends and enemies in the process of having fun. o7 olympus, it was a fun run, i'm out.

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    2. Greenarrow


      @mon5t3r nothing left to do on olympus, some of us want to do other shit too.

    3. monsterr


      @Greenarrow o7 even tho i think you hated me, was fun

      can i get your money?

    4. indian


      great leader and one of the only people that would be nice enough to divvy up gang funds between all gangmates. Had lots of fun in [ - ] would love to play some other games later on. :)

  6. 350k comes with mags. Be on in 2 hours. Sounds good, be on in 2 hours
  7. *** willing to sell the whole lot for 23m flat ****
  8. noone can search the house so it's safe Search the house 4 armed prowler
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