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  1. yea I think the apd has to go,
  2. As Arma 3 is coming to an end sorta and arma 4 comes in. I was just wondering what will happen to olympus as arma 4 releases. Any plans on coming out as a server on it?? In my opinion it would be lit better graphics and everything. LMK!
  3. just wanted to hear some people opinions on if this server is dying
  4. can we please have casino in diffrent towns, the reason is because everytime i go to the kavala casino I either get rdmed or something stupid happens.
  5. Skratz

    MK1 Tazer

    @Fetus Deletuusadded u
  6. Skratz

    MK1 Tazer

    @Fetus Deletuusdiscord?
  7. Skratz

    MK1 Tazer

    Selling a Mk1 tazer for 800k message me if u instrested
  8. Its tyler, Im going to UGA for college
  9. Skratz


    @Stuffy I thank u for this I do not like the rat RABID
  10. Skratz


    Merry Christmas, @PUG hope you have a great birthday
  11. Merry Christmas, Hope every one of you have a great Christmas, God bless Yall.

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