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  1. I want to enter the giveaway. Sign me up please.
  2. My favorite is to say "hands up or die" *they put their hands up* Then I say: "START SAYING YOUR ABC's BACKWARDS IN THE NEXT FIVE SECONDS, OR I'll TURN YOUR BRAIN INTO SWISS CHEESE" most of the time, they're like "wait what the fuck?" they don't start saying them...they try to run Boom, free kill.
  3. @Sagebrush @James town Section 1: absolute last resort (Life or Death) Section 2: can not kill another player that has been downed if they didn't wait until he was up to officially engage him, then it is VDM/RDM, but if they did wait until the guy was up and then engaged him properly, then it sounds legit. situation sounded like a life or death scenario to me, but no provided video means no sympathy Instead of back-lashing by posting on the forums about the situation, just make a ban appeal...it's not like making a post does anything to help your situation. Or post your clip so we can all have a laugh, I need a good laugh.
  4. Goodnight Chesty...wherever you are.  o7

  5. Greetings from the future, my noble compatriots Some of you might remember me from my next-level forum posts and time on the APD (I was pretty active from February to April of 2019) before I had to quit due to my work that forces me to travel back and forth across the country. Since I've been gone I've gotten a new job, started taking college classes, and joined the Navy (#GoNavy). Trying to earn a Special Warfare contract before I ship out in March of 2020. Currently waiting in the interview room waiting to (once again) become your friendly neighborhood Chief Deputy Glenn. For those who are yet to be enlightened, before I became a P.O. back in April 2019, I had been self-appointed to the rank of Chief Deputy (leader of the the Enlightened Cult of Deputies and Champion of the Sting 9mm) I am ready to resume my role as the Savior of the Deputies: enforcing traffic laws, writing parking tickets, and losing vital police chases in my 2002 Ford F-150 Offroad that has 262,000 miles and the four wheel drive doesn't work. All jokes aside, it's good to be back, boys. Cheers. -J.Glenn
  6. @MAV @NokiaStrong I know, I'm asking if regarding the specific circumstances there is a chance that he could be unbanned. I don't know what the policy is on banning an entire gang due to hacked funds, because I personally haven't experienced it and I didn't want to touch that hacked money even with a 10 foot pole. Because FUCK hacked money
  7. @MAV My friend @Midnight Dream was recently banned because our gang mate (who is like 13-14 btw) thought it would be funny to put 11 million in hacked money into the gang funds. The 3ic of the gang pulled this money out, not knowing it was hacked money, and ended up getting banned for 3-7 days for it (I can't recall). @Midnight Dream was permanently banned from the server just because he was the gang leader, even though he had nothing to do with the hacked money and we have since exiled the gang member because he was a dumbass. Is there any way he could sumbit a ban appeal and get unbanned? Or is he fucked?
  8. I'll sell you a single MX for 200k if you like.
  9. Kavala Castle would definitely be a smaller fight zone if this is implemented, since it is right next to Scat Town. I was thinking more along the lines of the Oreokastro Castle (Thronos) because I feel like it would add more stuff to do for gangs, and also because that area of the map is unused real estate for Olympus.
  10. I feel like it could be a very beneficial addition to the amount of stuff that organized gangs could do. But yeah I totally agree that it need some spicing up.
  11. I was riding around with CHAZ and the homies as a Cop on Server 2 and as we were checking Meth I thought of a little idea that I feel like could be interesting: What would you guys think about adding in some kind of Gang Event for the Oreokastro (Thronos) and/or Kavala Castles? I think it'd be a nice addition to the overall activities available on Olympus and offer some more gang-related combat that isn't structured solely around the Cartels & the Warzone? Maybe a 5% processing speed bonus on all runs or possibly even a 5%-10% processing speed bonus for Weed if you own the Kavala Castle and Meth for the Oreokastro Castle? 2%-10% discount at the black markets? Do you guys think this could be a possible idea to run by the Civilian Council or the Staff? What are your guy's thoughts?
  12. Dude, just wait for some Senior APD, they will eventually pull you in. Relax, I know it's stressful (done the Deputy test like 3-4 times now) it's all good Could be 20 mins, could be 3 hours, but if no one is on then no one is on.
  13. So you have Sergeant in your player UI but no forum tag..?
  14. Yeah but when 20 people get gunned down and you're the only medic on, you make bank. I have 100+ hours on Cop and I think I've seized MAYBE five, six vehicles...they're not very common.
  15. lmao Caleb, I think you're outmatched here bud. Medics definitely make more than Cops, like @[TC] Bobby Flay said, especially on high-pop nights, free weekends, stuff like that.
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