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Will Mr. Theak Join the APD and become a peacekeeper?
Find out right here, with updates.   Wish me luck.
Application accepted; studying alittle more; lets see if ill be roaming the streets of Altis at the ready to assist Civs.
For some of you that were asking about R&R:
              Ill always be around to help and i decided; I've been a medic, and while i always lend a hand when i can APD is my next venture.
 Maybe ill sign up for R&R part time down the road.
Regardless, you can find me flying around lending a hand were I can.

Ready to make with the fun!
Mr. Theak Over and Out

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9 hours ago, platinumfire said:

APD is somthing countless people have called me out for not joining but i dont think id enjoy it couldnt put in the time that id like to.

R&R is fun as long as u join the Suicide Squad, have fun and don't die

nah, you're just scared to take the test.

*mic drops*

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6 minutes ago, Talindor said:

nah, you're just scared to take the test.

*mic drops*


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ya, im accually going to study. in all honesty it is alittle scuueerrryyy lol. say what you want but if your going to take it seriously then you should study not try to wing it.
your not going to learn everything overnight, but atleast get the basics down, ya your gonna learn as you go too. They wont give everyone one who whats to be a cop a badge. If you want to try it out... go play vig.
If i am to deal with all you 16yr old teenieboppers complaining about how many marbels they lost i want to know the correct why to handle babysitting, while you through a tantrum ;> 
While i will help noobs and randos when i can i would like to be able to have them come to me and me accually be able to be of some assistance.
Arma Karma is real, and this is a role play server. Want to just kill people, i recommend king of the hill.
Want to have an awesome time and make some friends in a vw come here.
Whiskey says hi!

Mr. Theak Over and Out

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Well friends,
Take one is a fail.  That is what should be expected your first time around.
Very nice interviewing officer, i appreciate the time taken aside to do interviews.  
I also appreciate the testing process. Back to studying, missed a few things that as a 
new Constable will need to know. Who knows maybe i don't make the cut, maybe
i continue to help like i have been, either way ill continue to play on this server.

Any other APD applicants want to study send me a message.
Off to drown my sorrows lol.

Mr. Theak Over and Out

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