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Another Noodle Joins the Server

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Hi, my name is MrNoodle, not to be confused with the already present ramennoodles. I am not new to ARMA, having 800 hours on Wasteland servers, but this is my first venture into a Life server. My goal is to be a peaceful law abiding resource miner, but we will see how long that lasts until the blood lust comes. I am of the beard growing, legal alcohol drinking age and just looking to have a good time. The RP on the server has been very impressive and what made me stay around, so keep up the good work!

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Hopefully you enjoy your stay here. Coming into an RP server vs wasteland will be a jump so make sure you read up on our server rules and stay up to date so you can enjoy yourself to the max.

Also feel free to utilize our Support Team in our TS to answer all questions you might have about the rules and in-game mechanics/rules/situations. We have a fantastic support team who are eager to help you with your transition.


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Follow what Dante is saying..Trust me! Be the second best noodle on the server!! Make me proud and always follow the rules!!! I can't stress this enough, good things will happen if you keep the community in knowledge of the rules and always help other if needed. If you need any help join the support channel on our teamspeak where I myself or any SS division soldiers can help.

But my son promise me one thing. Make. Me. Proud! @MrNoodle

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