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News Team Discussion in TS

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We see that some people have potential issues with the News Team, we want to make sure your concerns are heard. Currently there are 3 seniors on in TS, we implore you to come join us and speak to us directly about potential problems you forsee or complaints you have. We want t hear people's constructive feedback. If you want to join in the discussion, hop down into the News Team Applicants channel and we will speak with every one of you. We want to make this as successful as we can and that takes input from the community. So, please feel free to join us we are happy to talk!




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Just now, Matt The Savage said:

do you have to take a test to join the news team?

Not much of one, but a basic one to make sure people understand the do-s and don't-s of being a news team member. I.E. Don't run in front of people in a firefight, don't steal civilian's cars

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