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  1. McDili commenting on some porn he was watching in teamspeak - "You know, I think I'm going to switch the video, because this scene is pretty vanilla" 

    Ladys and Gentlemen, we have a grade A Sexual deviant on our hands people.

  2. I apologise for last night people. I don't drink often. BUT WHEN I DO...

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    2. Tman15tmb


      Ha, I just remember Moob was talking about sending people pictures of his little jimmy.. Let's hope for his sake he didn't actually do that. XD

    3. Tyrone Washington

      Tyrone Washington

      1 hour ago, JBruesch said:

      called me gay, incoming perm :Kappa:

      I was victim of that too :0 

    4. OlympusAccount


      I decided to get ahead on my work instead of play last night, and I regret it.

  3. Well sir, You should fact check, You might surprise yourself.
  4. Fuck you talkin about? Guy's been in about 30
  5. Overused inaccurate meme 2/10. Sorry, next.
  6. Sorry, didn't order an Uber, must have the wrong address.
  7. @buckie Been in more gangs than I've been in women. slut
  8. plumbers gay

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    2. RogueMK


      Moob go home, you're drunk!

    3. DeadPool1337


      His name is plumber since he likes to plunger ass holes.

    4. Lucki


      Real life pic of @Plumber


  9. E7CC69DAC90ACD8CE412A8E751649DB809B260D3

    That's how you do it BIEEETCH

  10. The players that play this game are a different kind of awful.

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    2. Dante Fleury

      Dante Fleury

      No, that would be too easy. ^.^ I'm actually really bad but after a few games I finally got a 2 piece. (Like 6 games in with no kills) 

      I'm decent at solo tho

    3. Bocephus


      A lot of that game is luck, wherever you are looting having good shit or not

    4. I Am Fuzzy
  11. https://gyazo.com/296ec7972d8fa973d5f7ebdc5d278182

    How hard is it to just perm someone.

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    2. Albert Savage

      Albert Savage

      People that got unpermed openly mocking the staff members that unbanned them, this is great

    3. Tman15tmb


      Rusty has changed a lot sense he was last permed. Sure he can still be a shit head but I have noticed he at least tries to refrain from being an overly toxic fuck tard on the forums (Not sure about in game). Good job Rusty. Keep it up!

    4. Rusty


      Thanks lad, i try not to be lol :)

  12. Vicious.
  13. What are you talking about? There were literally people in the gang that we held off promotions on because we wanted to avoid this whole MCPD bullshit people came off with. Simple fact of it was, we had the longest serving and most experienced cops in the gang. all over the october+ 2014 join dates. Besides there were rigorous processes in place to ensure this could be avoided. It wasn't just a case of "Oh I like him, lets give him corporal" or "Oh I like him, lets give him sergeant" There were meetings/discussions, paperwork to fill out and then had to be looked at by other seniors who weren't in the same gang as you.
  14. How did we get to Sr. Positions? Did the Sr. APD at the time like us or something? Nope, furthest thing from it.
  15. Well, unfortunately Rebel Outposts are able to be continuously raided by APD as well as Cartels (With the appropriate pre-requisites of course) and sure as shit I'd rather attack a rebel on cop rather than attack an HQ on Civ. I had Plumber who had 6 cops with him hold off 17 people at Air HQ. 30 second respawn times, randomized spawning and 1 tap tazers make an HQ a fortress. Lets just say over the last 2/3 months I've probably had 2 out of 25 engagements at an HQ go even somewhat successfully. The best way to get somebody out of HQ is to sneak them out, and to be honest, if you come up against 2 cops that got more than 3 answers right on their deputy test, they'll have more than enough capability to snuff that out real quick. It's not that people are complaining about not being to win EVERY engagement, because you shouldn't and can't, but your response is really overlooking the fact that you basically CAN'T win an engagement at HQ with more than 3 capable cops. Edit: The best offensive tactic at an HQ was just to taze cops, restrain them so they can't actually die to respawn. But now that's basically out the window if you need 3 civs.