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Online Streaming Flames

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Greeting's! Most of us had visited some stream's and friends from far and near have noticed what is up with the bashing flaming to APD R&R Admin's?? Just in general, perhaps it's the online disinhibition effect. I don't know about for example I like being medic, some say completely vulgar langauge with some hatefull comment's.  Olympus is kind enough for those who are able to stream with some follower's good friends to back you up, this comes with responsibility on your behalf please watch what you say. I've seen top guilds clans gangs alliance's fall in the "flaming "mode and even stop playing we are here for one thing, to have a good time not to bash flame call each other out in r/l. Thank you for listening -b

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The problem is, people just say they're going to post a ticket for stupid reasons, if they clearly are rdming for no reason, or vdming for no reason, go ahead. but if your both going 200 down a small road, don't complain when you both go into each other. Also, it would be so much nicer, if people just stopped complaining...

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