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Smaller servers?

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We haven't had an update in like a month and a half. Once this big update gets out the optimizations I made could increase player FPS significantly, and even allow for higher slot counts without a noticeable decrease in fps.

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^YUS, on asuylm im hitting 60fps ish avg and on olympus im only hitting 30ish-40ish :(

It also depends greatly on server uptime. With the way things are right now after a long server uptime you'll get around half the frames you get when a server just restarts. I've made changes to cleanup scripts as well as other many other optimizations for both the client and the server. These changes hopefully will provide better server performance and client fps.


Changes to data syncing were also made. Players send less bulk information to the server and instead things are synced individually. Stuff should sync more consistently as well as sync quicker. Since it should take less time to sync data there won't be as much of a delay for querying information like vehicles, or connecting to server.


Problems could arise from some of these optimizations and data syncing changes, but we won't know until the server is under full load with 75+ players. The first day or so might be kind of bumpy but it will smooth out quickly as I patch things.

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