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New Beginnings

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Hello, I go by "Fat Guy" In-game and recently just switched from Asylum. I decided to try out Olympus seeing as many people were switching over here and I guess I wanted to see what the hype was all about. After just playing for a short few hours, It almost feels like a brand new experience even though I have about 1500 hours compiled on Arma 3. If there's any key points I need to know other than what's in the server rules, feel free to let me know. :)

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It pays off to read medic rules just so you understand how you have to interact with them.


For a fed you need bolt cutters for the dome gate and blasting charge to plant. Blasting charge works on jail and blackwater.

Epi Pens revive you temporarily until you receive dopamine from a hospital/medic. You buy them at hospitals.

You can't kill your friends in restraints to get them out of a bounty. (Or really in general, unless you originally restrain them in a redzone)

Windows Key is the action key. It is custom action key 10. 

Redgull hotkey is custom action key 11.

Earplugs hotkey is custom action key 12.

Blackwater is an event you can do to get the chance at getting equipment that you otherwise could not possibly get. Rare loot has a higher chance to spawn the more cops there are online.

You can buy a WPL (Workplace Protection License) at the gun store, it increases legal payout by 15% and allows you to acquire a rifle to protect yourself. It prevents you from doing illegal runs until you sell or replace the license.



If I think of anything else I'll post it.



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Also a tip is to install a recording system because on your journey you will find rdmers and sometimes you will lose stuff to a glitch and then you can send a report to the admins and you will likely get it back.

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