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  1. 1. Should RUNNER be promoted to PO?

    • Yes, definitely!
    • Nah (for people without heart)

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1 minute ago, TheCmdrRex said:

You're not even in the APD? How would you even know all the facts? 

I know some of the people who were involved. I put the pieces together. True i'm not APD, but from what i know, the reason runner was demoted is lame. Runner is probably right about it anyway. If it was a guy no one would have cared and Runner would still be po.

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Just now, Falcon said:

I hope you know you probably just fucked up RUNNER's promotion in the future, because of this post. :3

Runner didn't tell me to do this so why would he get in trouble. I took it into my own hands to try and help. Maybe I'm not helping but at least i'm trying. If anyone's to be punished it should be me. I'll take the hit.

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