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How rare is the Armed Huron exactly?

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How rare is an armed huron? What would one sell/comp for? We did a Blackwater yesterday and got an Armed Huron out of the deal. Took off, was flying away and another gang flew their orca straight into the side of it. RIP. :FeelsBad:

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If you submit a compensation request with proper evidence (Recording) we can comp the Huron to your garage.


Also the chance is extremely low, I think only ~5-6 have spawned since the introduction of Blackwater back in October of 2016. But that's only the ones I've heard about, I could be wrong.


Although only recently, we made a change so that if more cops are online, you have a better chance of rare equipment/vehicles spawning in.

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Lol it was magestical....until I fell to the ground in a pile on burning shit xD. I laughed my ass off when Tree Frosty got domed out of the pilot seat by a sergeant and I was able to get in and fly away. Ended quickly and tragically.

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42 minutes ago, Jesse said:

# of vehicles spawned to date (as of like 20 mins ago) since BW released.

  • 50 Ifrits
  • 62 Striders
  • 47 Hunters
  • 12 Armed Prowlers
  • 20 Armed Qilins
  • 5 Armed Hurons

That's 204 vehicles in total.

ouch...makes me even more sad now :FeelsBad:

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2 hours ago, Orgondo said:

About half of those ifirits are Tree since that's all we fucking tend to get :(

I was literally about to type this LMAO, we must have the other half cuz thats all we fuckin get also.

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32 minutes ago, Augustus said:

too fucking good



is that guy getting comped of his Huron then?


21 minutes ago, Jesse said:

Doubtful, they were in a group.

OP was the pilot of the Huron and submitted a comp request. I completed it, Huron is in his Garage.


1 hour ago, Mikey Ruth said:

It's worth every bit

He still got the Huron, so you got a ban for nothing.

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