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Random Blow up?

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Alright guys, So twice this has happened to me....


I will just be driving along the a road then all the sudden My vehicle will blow up. Have put countless hours into this server and game, never had this issue before.


Yesterday was just driving an ifrit behind a hemmit and it just randomly blew up. Now today I was driving a hemmit with a offroad behind me on a regular main road and all the sudden the offroad blew up hehind me and took out the hemmit with it. There was over 4 million worth of items in that hemmit.


Over the past two days I have lost over 5 million worth of vehicles, gear, and lost "items". And mind you there were no collisions with anything in any of these vehicles just a sudden BOOM.


It's starting to get ridiculous...


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I remember one time moob wanted a heal....And because he didn't get it....I had to blow up four vehicles with just a 2kmh bumper touch to another vehicle....

Oh yeah that was a few hours ago... rip moob, Lincoln, and tyrese

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