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Lincoln Williams...the racist medic.

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After last night's events I had to laugh at a particular member and figured I'd make it clear...I am racist and will refuse to revive you if you are any of the below colors..





And popcorn

So there you have it people...don't call on me if you are any of those!

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not a good day to be a smartie :D

Like the candy? I won't revive you if you been eating those either...just saying

Yeah i witnessed this racism last night

He got sent to jail in total three times that I knew of and the medics got detained to understand the situation as well...was redonkulous.

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Welp i almost gave you that 12k ticket but i knew it was an accident.Plus i know the medic life can be a pain. I sent him to jail bc he refused to pay a $1500 disturbing the peace charge. When i got off last night he was in pygros

He came back...time and time again....He even brought another medic that had been gone the entire time and claimed he was racist as well...Poor pryies :(

but m&m's are fine tho right

As long as you have some to share with my colleagues and I.

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Not really sure what I'd expected to happen in this thread, but this wasn't it.


PS: Peter Dinklage Song:

A civ in kavala was bugging Lincoln. He was complaining about the medics parking on the BBall court and kept on em so i went over there and the medic ran me over and killed me i was fine with it and i asked Lincoln is he disturbing the peace and he said yes so i detained the civ and stuck him with a disturbing the peace and he refused to pay i talked to him one on one in the car he threatened to shoot the medics so i talked to him out of character explained the rules about that and told him he needs to stop pestering the medics so they can do their job.

But i guess he wasn't listening to what i had to say.

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