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1 hour ago, Linka said:

i dont have an antivirus because im poor

Nooo linka why aren’t you coporal???

2 hours ago, CommanderSuki said:

Shady sites usually have virus or trojan horses hidden in the pictures your computer automatically downloads.


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I use Nvida Geforce to take my screenshots but it says the file size is too big :/

12 hours ago, Seth Mobster said:

Did the jet get put back in your garage?


3 hours ago, [W] Killer said:

It’s most likely not a virus, just a shady ass site. This dude needs to use gyazo or nvidia GeForce.

I use Nvida GeForce the file sizes are just to big ;/

11 hours ago, MonsteReZ said:

how tf did you survive this? like if i touch a bush with an orca it blows up and kills me, but you, you can fucking smack straight into the water and live?!?!??! i think these game mechanics are Feminist!

I have another post same thing these jets survive everything


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