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5 man dream team

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so i was thinking of this. If I were to want a group of 5 people to go in and rob a group of people at heroine processing, without knowing exactly how many or who the people there are... who would it be? who would bet his dream team??? So after some thought and considerations, I've come up with these 5, and reasons why.


[POTP] L3g1t - Me because it'd be fun and I'm friggin awesome!


[POTP] Warfare - Long time friend and he's a good shot and has a good tactical mind


[POTP] Zombified_Falcon - Long time friend and he is also a good shot and a good player when he isn't the first one killed :P


FKGxAwesome - I've been in some situations with him before and he's a good shot and can hold his own as well as fight in a team


Kratos - Also had dealing with him and he's a great shot and tactician and good in a team environment


also all of my picks are veterans in the game and know the rules as well as the map and what works best in different situations.



Feel free to comment and/or add your own list and reasons, just something I thought would be fun.

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Troll Squad DreamTeam


Snake - See below

Blackflag - See above

Honeybooboo - Biggest trash talker no competition

Toe Knee - Salt mine

King Crusader - Father was APD for 20 years. Sofia HQ


I am not sure what my dream team would be. I have played with alot of good players over my time here and wouldnt want anyone to feel left out. 

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Snake - Shot / BS his way out of anything + has Aids vests

Virus - Shot + OP Sports Hatch 

Rich Homie Quan - Goes HAM close quarters (PDW Grandmaster 2014)

Smitty - So I don't have to fly + Great shot / patient

hmmmm...... Toss up between Lost / Honeybooboo for the last slot

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Virus - Good Shot / Money man (Could make bribes) (Never mind he doesn't spend money)


Ricky Spanish 2014 - Best distracter (Kavala Valet Service)


Any member of [MC] - They are everywhere


DjDarkMunk - Pilot


Mcdili - To ruin everything with a ghost hawk as a cop 

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SPBojo, And myself Z3R0. I don't like working in large groups as I feel if I have not worked with them a whole lot everything goes to shit because they don't know what they are doing. Which is a huge part in why I only role with Bojo and some other friends. **EDIT** Perhaps I should have worded this differently, it really is not that they don't know anything, I will not be the first to admit that a whole lot of players on this server are better than myself, but it is that they may not know how I function in combat and the strategies I use.  

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One more slip up from lost and bryno is replacing his spot on my 5 man shitter squad though.

Edit: added stealth because i need someone to watch me as i retard rush 5 guys p.s. he's almost a pilot ; ^ )

i see you boo

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Lost-Gangster that seems to always be left alive when we get shot out of a heli and we 2v7 and never a moment when we wouldnt clutch it

BooBoo-Best rahim shot NA

Quaan-PDW vs 5 people shits on them

Ace- Best Pilot in olympus not even close, too bad after a hour has to dust kids because he flies too much

Wheat- The only calm guy in the group that actually makes good calls and always clutches it. 

Sub for me- Stealth-  Hardest person to kill or find on server along with never breaking a rule if he even thinks it's going to be close he wont shoot or he would have double the kills. He also has a silent relationship with lost which i am jelly of but i got quaan so get fuked.


If anyone wants to put their 5 up against us by all means try and bring my ego down a little i would enjoy that. The A Team robbed 8 hemits in 2 hours wheat is still trying to process that stuff haha.


If i have to sub myself out for us being too good i pick stealth because he can pilot and ace can get on the ground. Never a wrong pick with stealth just wish he could run with the A team sometime :P


B team- Cpt. Travis alone because he is a one man recking crew no literally a wrecking crew he will not make it no matter if he is on land or in air if he is driving. But if he does beware of the B Team.

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