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Hand to Hand Combat

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Is there a way hand to hand combat could be added....brawls in the backstreets knives even for shanking and stuff in jail I mean excuse the unrealistic stuff but knives and fists could be really useful at rebel I was able to sneak behind two people and kill them if I had a gun. Sadly I could raise the bounty since my friend killed them with his gun but unarmed people have no chance to strike armed people. Idk if there is a plugin but is there a chance?

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I agree... but if there was Hand To Hand Combat that would be a huge troll. because if you could knock someone the fuck out at anytime then people would be walking around slapping everybody and same for knives. but..... I think instead they should add a option were you and up to 3 others can be in a dual were you could use Knives or just your hands like a fight club I think it would be cool and better, and it would be hilarious if they had a event in the event area were everyone had to fist fight until one man is standing. 

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Restrict this so it can only be used in prison or else kavala will turn into UFC

I agree. Fight clubs would be nice :) Allowing for good fighters to make money. Or they could add paintball. Just random, but thought that would be really cool!

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