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BattleEYE Attempt Fix

Guest Hadi Mokdad

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Guest Hadi Mokdad

So, this is not a 100% solution, but it is possible to fix the issue.  In worst case scenario you have to Re-install arma freshly (Putting arma on SSD will also help if most of you are on HDD)\


Step 1:

Open computer settings ( Might vary depend on your windows)


step 2:

Click Network & Internet


step 3:

Click on "Network and Sharing Center"





step 4:

On the left, Click on "Change Adapter settings"




step 5:

Depend on what type of a network (Wifi/Ethernet) you use, Right click on the correct network, Properties



A Panel like this will pop up:


Double click on "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4),  and edit the DNS like the following:


Click Ok and exit everything.  (The DNS might refresh your internet)




Run command Prompt as ADMIN , you can search it in your RUN, and click enter to get this box"



In the command simply copy paste this:    ipconfig /flushdns     and ENTER

Restart your pc when you are done



Hope this will help you fix the problem.



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Guest Hadi Mokdad
7 hours ago, Superiorr said:

Is this for battle eye client not responding?


9 hours ago, Moose said:

Implying this isnt some elaborate way to overheat your computer causing it to explode and catch fire, we are on to you hadi

ignorance become a joke :happygary:

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Guest Hadi Mokdad
2 minutes ago, Moose said:

You know I love you Hadi (no homo I dont want to get thrown off a building)

hahaha, love you too moose

@Jesse Can you approve that this might help? and tell people this will not blow the pc up

Edited by Hadi Mokdad
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