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  1. Tim Jacob

    This server gets passed around more than @IM LAGGING's mom
  2. Tim Jacob

    Well since @Pledge is here maybe he can tell me why my APD app was denied... I think he is racist
  3. You piped two people in restraints on purpose, good luck appealing that.
  4. Tim Jacob

  5. How is this relevant to whether the issue was handled well or not? Are you agreeing that it was handled poorly, but justifying it by saying it’s ok because they are just volunteering their time? I do not care whether they are volunteering or not, I care about results and accountability. as for the rest of your babble, I care about LEADERSHIP taking accountability of not controlling this situation fast enough. As Rex said, if they knew it was going to last this long they would have acted differently. The discussion ends there. When the original poster pointed a finger at the community he was absolutely wrong. It was well known that if the money was left on the server, it would be misused, and it would cause chaos. Nothing about this was handled well by OS. People being wrongfully and randomly banned to find the hacker, constant threat against the community while the cash and war points were in the game, and relatively slow response to all aspects of the issue. Was I banned? No. Did I use money? No. Am I tired of Olympus never taking ownership of things? Yes. Also, thanks for the free plug to my twitch but I don’t stream anymore. I would ask you to sub but it would be better for you to use the $ on another bag of potato chips you sweaty excuse of a sack of meat. You had to ask permission to reply to my post? How pathetic are you, so please get off my post you pencil dicked beta make.
  6. Adding things to the list is fine, so long as things are getting crossed out. Continuously failing to provide anything but take more $$ and make more promises is the issue. Olympus is becoming a Arma III content pyramid scheme at this point. Stop adding things to a list you can’t keep up with, it is very deceiving to people who are paying Olympus’ bills. Nobody accepted a bag of guns willingly. You are upset at the people who spent them, but Olympus is more comparable to the criminal who handed the guns to everyone than the hero who comes and takes them away. You knew what was going to happen when you didn’t take immediate action on the $$ and warpoints put into the economy. You knew people were going to spend it, yet you leave the servers up. You took action to ban people for spending it, yet you left it in the economy. You fell right into the trap of this hacker and punished people who had NO control over getting the “bag of guns” handed to them in the first place. Again, the issue is between Olympus’ lack of procedure when shit goes down and a 14 year old dickhead. Stop trying to push the focus onto the collateral damage and take ownership of the issue that wasn’t dealt with fast enough, causing chaos.
  7. You are right I don’t know anything about running a business. I will take notes from you though. Let’s see.. 1. promise investors new product and continuously fail to provide it. Then, after this tell the investors that decide to ask about said product they need to wait over and over again, and complain about how the employees who develop this don’t get paid. Fail to take ownership of the businesses failure to produce, but gladly continue to accept more investments with more promises. 2. When somebody hacks your business make sure you blame the customers of your business, because it does so much good to do that! Try to push as much accountability of negative things back on to your customers, and tell anybody who disagrees with your businesses operating procedures that they are a meme. Can you continue the list for me please @rapidaax? what Olympus needs is a purge of useless people from their staff, starting with Rapidaxx, commonly known to being NOTHING useful to a discussion.
  8. I am the dense retard? Did I allow this to happen? No, you as Olympus did. Don’t give a fat kid candy and not expect him to eat it you dolt. Get the fuck off my post.
  9. If you many of the members of the community didn't try and snake the money and hide it, we wouldn't need this. If those folks were honest, issue could be fixed in just a few hours.. not take days, weeks to track the money. So yes, some none hacking community members forced our hand... we know we have things to fix on our end, but wouldn't have to come to this if money in some cases didn't exchange 10+ peoples hands before finally stopping. Yet again your lack of logic is baffling. Who was stupid enough to hire you as the voice of reason for anything. TAKE OWNERSHIP OF THE ROLLBACK. The issue I have is that your stance is that the rollback is happening because people laundered the money. How did that happen? How did it take so long to ban a teenager? Why did you not INSTANTLY roll back after he was banned? OLYMPUS left the $$ in the economy for a long enough amount of time, and the servers stayed up, for anyone to take advantage of it. Again, that comes back to OLYMPUS’ lack of action that caused issues. How about instead of expecting a comminity to follow SOP’s in a situation like this, which is a completely utopian idea that WILL NOT EVER WORK, update your own SOP’s for a situation like this to yield CONTROLLABLE results. You are not in control of people trying to launder the $$, but you are in control of allowing them the opprotunity. This is all happening because of Olympus and a hacker, not any part of the community.
  10. “Unfortunately, some of the community members are to blame for this need by trying to 'beat the system' and launder the cash. If everyone followed the SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) below we wouldn't have to do this, we could easily remove the cash and move on.“ Really? You are blaming the community for a rollback? It is no wonder why a 14 year old can destroy your staff for such a long amount of time when this is the retarded bullshittery your reprisentitives spew. Take ownership of the rollback. You were unable to stop a hacker MULTIPLE times across multiple servers. The comminity following SOP’s?? This is your statement of why the rollback is happening?? Are you fucking dull? If this is the solution to stopping the server from rolling back next time this kid does it just turn the servers off and don’t bother turning them back on you fucking monkeys.
  11. Tim Jacob

    Removing cop would be a legal case against Olympus for discrimation based on sexual preference, as we all know only faggots play cop Kappa
  12. Tim Jacob

  13. Tim Jacob

    Super sus... so uhhh this Heywood girl got Snapchat? Totally just asking for a friend.
  14. So what is your goal here? You worried about your Rep in the community? Trying to gain clout back? Nobody gonna change what they think about you over a forum post you are just gonna sit here and get dumped on
  15. Tim Jacob

    Please close thread after this comment

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