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I’m sick and tired of playing under the name I go by (Pablo escobar) and getting arrested for the tinest offenses (while I’m innocent)

So many cops that I have beef with will arrest me for the dumbest shit, while regular cops will play normal. Like today, I just get out of jail, respawn, get a car, and go to kav house shop. So once I leave I turn the corner and out of nowhere hit a STATIONARY COP CAR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD SIDEWAYS. And he takes me into custody. Then when I get released and get me car back I was innocent and staying on the main road. And the cop code 3s me for wreckless driving. Like apparently I have to be IN MY FUCKING LANE to not get arrested. This is a fucking VIDEO GAME. 

I feel like I can’t play under pablo Escobar without having cops harass me. Not gonna state names, but can I srs get treated normally even if you know me. 

-wrote this very quickly and on my phone so don’t mind the grammar mistakes etc

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