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  1. How’s Olympus been?

  2. I'm leaving Olympus fellas. I enjoyed most of my time here, and made many friends. I'm not going to @ anybody because it would be many people. I know I made a negative impression on most of the people here. But to the people who I was friends with- I appreciate you all. I hope Olympus continues to grow and strive, and wish everybody good luck in your ventures. Bye 

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    2. bigSMOKE
    3. Pablo_Escobar


      @bigSMOKE your epeen to small to handle a dislike? :D glad I'm leaving and won't have to be around people like you

    4. bigSMOKE


      Stfu you toothless monkey 

  3. I thought some bans are shared from Olympus and asylum
  4. Congrats @LukeTheCoop knew you would get it

    1. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      Is this toxic?

    2. LukeTheCoop


      I did not get it. I don't know if you knew or not... But three other very good medics got it.

  5. Did you actually change your name to Ariana grande? Your so irrelevant
  6. There’s so many different sirens to use let’s find a new one
  7. Say you have something without waves, a jail under 5 people. How would you go about loading lethals? Would we revert to dying twice?
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