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  1. Pablo_Escobar

    What hawk said
  2. Got a perm for NLR, may get unbanned but probably not. Once I get my appeal sorted out I'll be making an official o7 post.

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    2. codeYeTi


      Have we gotten to the point where we have pre-o7-post-finality status updates?

    3. Pablo_Escobar
    4. codeYeTi


      y i k e s

      A real Olympian makes an o7 post then reneges on it an comes back. Everyone knows that.

  3. Pablo_Escobar

  4. Pablo_Escobar

    @Dante can any admin deal with this or is this a web developer thing?
  5. Pablo_Escobar

    I’m taking a senior year, other than that u right. How’d you know??
  6. Pablo_Escobar

    Good work Nerdy.
  7. Pablo_Escobar

    I am staying in school.... got 1 more year till I graduate.
  8. Pablo_Escobar

    @Downvotes Whoever you are, you joined the forums 2 minutes ago and; Creating alternate forum accounts for the intent of down-voting, up-voting, toxic posting, etc is not allowed
  9. Pablo_Escobar

    Grammar 101, @Jamareh Daviss you should probably get past elementary school before you start playing games like ArmA.
  10. Pablo_Escobar

    @Ronin Is a pussy bitch. Comments on my own status update talking shit and then continues to talk shit. When I tell him to get off my profile he gets all his friends to downvote my posts. Honestly how much of a bitch do you have to be to recruit your friends to downvote my comments. @Benjison @Eden @Ronin ruining my reputation after you randomly talk shit to me when I don’t even know you. https://gyazo.com/b83ef07c7d65a9c2d72624d2387452b7 https://gyazo.com/4766f9b5cc0c201c60e1cd015a9fd4c7 https://gyazo.com/00e2294f98a67b940738742c8236a57a FUCKING BULLY
  11. Pablo_Escobar

    thanks for down voting all my posts babe (get the fuck off this page)
  12. Pablo_Escobar

    So if you're having a conversation with someone that has 100 negative rep, I'd bet my ass you'd think differently about them then someone with 20 good rep.
  13. Pablo_Escobar

    Okay maybe you don't but I do. Can't you just respect the fact that I do give a damn if my number is red or green. And yes, I do go outside plenty of times every day.
  14. Pablo_Escobar

    I do care about my rep when someone ruins it. How would you feel if I got 20 people to downvote everything they can on your profile. It would fucking suck cause u tryna get good rep right?
  15. Pablo_Escobar

    Post was not intended to make that impression. We were talking shit to each other and then he takes that step.

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