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marshal law

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Been wondering, when was the last time marshal law was decleared for a server? How chaotic was it? Multiple clans involved? How long did it take for order to be restored?

Why i wonder is we had an incident couple nights ago and kavala was chaos, some much so that some of the officers on duty were like.....this is a marshal law situation.


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There's some days where it feels like there needs to be a martial law called out for Kavala.....but sometimes it can be settled with a simple elite force of APD officers going in and using their cat-like reflexes to bring order to Kavala.



Kavalan Deputies.

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I've never been on-duty during marshal law but to my understanding, it is only called after there has been a constant attempt to contain the city's civilians. It is then decided by the admins if the APD will be able to reclaim the city, or if marshal law is the one and only way to reclaim the city. For example, I've been on duty in Kavala while rdmers and vdmers ran wild for over an hour and a half strong. With a total of five officers online, we stuck together in groups of 2-3 officers at any given time to watch each others backs. After detaining the wanted civilians we brought them into a safe place to be processed, which in this case was Kavala HQ. Even though the situation seemed impossible to overcome, we worked through it building to building and reclaimed the city before too long.

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Yes Marshall law is for them extreme moments when the APD is clearly outnumbered and outgunned. A time when they can't get a city back under control no matter what they do. It is not something we like to use often unless it really calls for it. If we, the staff, believe it is a situation that calls for it then we will observe what is going on for a bit and then decide to call it if needed.

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I have only had 1 situation where i needed martial law, there was about 10 armed kavalians running around shooting and rdming everyone. Btw it was me (a po) and 3 deputys. Eventually we restored order after 4 hours! Damn i wish i could have loaded lethals on these scrubs. they wouldnt stop combat logging! 

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Most times Kavala gets out of control its combat loggers/RDMers, so if an Admin comes on to consider martial law they will just ban the people breaking rules and the city will stabilize.


The cops on the server will also try to bring in officers from other servers/cities for reinforcements.


I have been on Olympus since early September, and I've NEVER seen Martial Law. Getting reinforcements and/or the problem causers gettin banned usually solves the problem.


I hope one day I'll be able to participate in it, it's basically APD Terror.

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