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Steam issue

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So long story short I re-installed Steam and its now asking me to verify identity cause I had steam guard enabled.  Thing is the email never arrives!  It started about 8 hours ago and there is still no sign and after a solid 2-3 minutes researching this the only viable solution is to contact steam support.  The problem with that is the last time I contacted them it took 35 days for them to respond so I was wondering if anyone knew any work arounds or cheat sheet tactics to fix steam without having to contact steam cause they sux.

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Quite positive about the email as I've got a message from steam a few hours ago about a game on my wishlist being on sale and steam has its on folder.  I did a bit more looking around the internets and apparently outlook is having some difficulties with steam right now.  Though last message from steam supports twitter 6 hours ago says the email issues where resolved. =(


Really hope this is a temporary issue cause I don't fancy repopulating a new steam library =P

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Try resetting your password? (Probably wont be able to im guessing since you just reinstalled steam)

Offline log in to see if you can access any options. (pull out your Ethernet cable and try to log in)


Log in to their website to see if you get any different results.

Lastly, wait out 35 days

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Password cant be reset cause they need to send a verification email ;D


Offline mode lets me launch games but wont let me access any online components then switching to online makes me put my password in and it asks for verification again.


Website says "Looks like you are logging in from a new browser and YOU GUESSED IT PLZ VERIFY VIA EMAIL LOL"  or something to that effect.


fk steam

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